Unrealised Pips in status bar


ctid3999979 since: 05 Jul 2021;

  04 Dec 2022, 09:04
Unrealised Pips in status bar


I don't like having the monetary P&L at the bottom of my screen as I don't want the money to influence my trading. I like making my decisions based on the charts, not the money. However I do like to keep an eye on how many pips I'm in profit/loss. In the Analyse area of cTrader it displays the total pips you've made or lost for any given timeframe. Is it possible to have this added to the status bar at the bottom of the Info panel at the bottom of the Trade window so I can see an aggregate total of all open trades in pips? It would also be nice to have this as a column (optional column?) in the Positions and History tabs so I can see the total profit/loss pips for each individual position.