Fibo Levels not storable!

Created at 19 Dec 2022, 13:08
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Fibo Levels not storable!
19 Dec 2022, 13:08

Fibo Levels not storable

I can no longer save the fibolevels or other drawing tools and their settings.
Does anyone also have this problem ?
I'm a Fibo trader and it's annoying enough that you can't extend it by right, now this !

Have now moved my analysis to Sierrachart. Maybe in the future you can save again. And extend to RIGHT.


Thank you


21 Dec 2022, 02:00

Quick Fix

PanagiotisChar said:

Hi there,

The feature was restored on 4.5.3

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Hello cTrader Team and Aieden Team,

Thank you for the quick fix.
For the fibos, I am missing the extension into the future and into the past !