Great and important suggestions

Created at 28 Dec 2022, 01:04


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Great and important suggestions
28 Dec 2022, 01:04

1: (Mobile)

The crosshair information need to be easier to read and more detailed.

It should be like this for instance:


And a display of change in pips and percentage. Like this for instance:

+1 (+0,30%)
-1 (-0,30%)

The desktop version also still need change in pips and percentage by the way.

2: (Desktop/Mobile)

There should be an option to have the crosshair information displayed at the top instead at the bottom. I don't like it to have it at the bottom.

3: (Desktop/Mobile)

There should be a volume display based on candlestick colors with an adjustable moving average.

It should be added in the all indicators menu aswell. So you will be able to have this displayed in a seperate window under the main chart.

4: (Desktop/Mobile)

There should be a feature to have your last stoploss and take profit settings saved automatically. Last lotsize is already saved automatically and that's really nice, but last stoploss and take profit settings are not.

You have to set this over and over again every single time. It's very annoying!

5: (Desktop/Mobile)

The settings in the QuickTrade Mode also need to have an account balance percentage display for stoploss and take profit.

6: (Desktop/Mobile)

The account balance percentage display need to be visible in the chart trading feature aswell.

7: (Mobile)

The measure tool should be more detailed. Just like as that new measure tool that has been added recently in the desktop version. I really like this one that the desktop version has right now.

8: (Desktop/Mobile)

There should be an automatic risk/reward calculation (when stoploss and take profit are set) in the order panel and chart trading feature.

9: (Desktop/Mobile)

It needs to be possible to add indicators on indicators.

10: (Desktop/Mobile)

It needs to be possible to set alerts on indicators.

11: (Desktop/Mobile)

Times and sales with size filters, order flow analysis, footprint charts, etc, need to be added.

12: (Desktop/Mobile)

There has to be a countdown to bar close option.

13: (Desktop/Mobile)

There has to be a percentage display for current profits or losses.

14: (Desktop/Mobile)

The watchlist and symbol overview need to be expanded with more and additional information.

For instance, open price, total volume, 52 weak low and high, etc.

15: (Desktop/Mobile)

The watchlist need filters, including for instance sorting by change, sorting by change in percentage, sorting by volume, sorting by symbol, sorting by last price, etc.

16: (Desktop/Mobile)

It needs to be possible to filter on country in the economic calender. It's all over the place with countries.

It needs to be possible to add alerts in here aswell. So you can get notified when the events took place with the actual results.

17: (Desktop/Mobile)

It needs to be possible to have more filter options in cTrader copy, including for instance max balance drawdown, win/rate, etc.

18: (Mobile)

The mobile apps also need to have all the same information about strategies that the desktop version has. Max balance drawdown for instance is not displayed right here.

19: (Mobile)

Names should be added under drawings objects, chart types, etc.

20: (Mobile)

It needs to be possible to adjust colors and opacity of grid lines, period seperators, ask and bid price line, orders, positions, etc.

21: (Mobile)

The android version is missing a dark theme.

Thanks a lot for everything in advance!