Show hide option to indicators


remon since: 05 Feb 2016;

  13 Jan 2023, 15:27
Show hide option to indicators


It would be nice to be able to show/hide an indicator inthe "Object Manager" screen the same way it's already possible for Drawings. This way you don't have to add/remove an indicator because you don't want to see it for a moment (and change all the settings). This makes the "Object manager" then a shortlist of used indicators which you only have to show/hide.

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  16 Jan 2023, 10:03
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remon since: 05 Feb 2016;

  16 Jan 2023, 10:17

Hi PanagiotisChar

Thanks for the information. In that case my trading provider is just running behind on the lastest version. I will contact them and as when they are planning to update to the lastest version.