You need to monitor your forums better

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  22 Jan 2023, 23:01
You need to monitor your forums better

There are people straight-up spamming the boards so that google can crawl their product names in forum posts.

For example, this is one of many posts on the CBot forum

Alpilean is a weight reduction pill that assists you with consuming fat by focusing on your internal heat level. It works by expanding digestion and controlling your....


And nothing seems to be done. To be politically correct there is no dislike button and they know it. There is also no way to report a post, and they know it. They are laughing and it will get worse. Also, there are people trying to initiate private sales in the algorithm section. It's fine to sell something on the site but trying to avoid moderation by posting private details and trying to solicit payment that way is crazy and so brazen that I have rarely seen it online on reputable sites. I know that like any good coder, you guys probably don't care much about the details of sales and customer relations but this can make or break you. If people get scammed or can't find info because it's clogged with more garbage than genuine responses they will go elsewhere. Mt5 marketplace is a good example of a well-regulated customer space. Also, like Mt5 it should be accessible only from the app. You want to minimize your attack surface. Getting people used to downloading EAs from websites is not a good thing(even if it's yours to start with). For obvious reasons, mainly that it opens the doors for unregulated persons to offer the same thing on their sites. From a business and security standpoint that would be very bad.

Thanks for listening to the public.

I love the product and want it to stay the best and get even better.