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Created at 15 Feb 2023, 16:39


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Ctrader iOS
15 Feb 2023, 16:39

Hello for the app (iOS) would it be possible to see the tick count on the chart “without having to put the crosshairs on to see it” could that be coded in by your team?.


I am sure that just a few lines of code "get tick data plot tick data"


It's done on desktop it should be implented across all platforms its data not a bot. 

cTrader Mobile

20 Feb 2023, 13:30

I can offer some general information that might help answer your question.

In general, the ability to see tick counts on a chart without having to use the crosshairs is a feature that can be implemented by the developers of the app. The specific implementation details would depend on the app's architecture and design, but it is possible that the developers could add a feature that displays tick counts on the chart as an overlay or on a separate panel, for example.

If you would like to suggest this feature to the cTrader development team, you may be able to contact them through their support channels or feature request forums. They may be able to provide more information about their plans for future updates to the app, including whether or not they plan to implement this feature.