Supertrend lines appear as 'dots'

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Supertrend lines appear as 'dots'
01 Mar 2023, 14:22

The Supertrend lines on cTrader only appear as 'dots'. Compare this to a typical ST indicator on TradingView; Very intuitive and visually very pleasing. It would be great if we could get a better looking Supertrend than the one that is built-in, ie; continuous lines preferably with arrows when colours change.


07 Mar 2023, 11:42

I am not an expert but I just want say that If the Supertrend lines on cTrader are only appearing as dots, there may be a setting that needs to be adjusted to display them as continuous lines. Here are some steps you can take to try to change the display:

  1. Click on the Supertrend indicator: In cTrader, click on the Supertrend indicator in the chart to bring up the settings.

  2. Adjust the settings: Within the Supertrend settings, look for an option to change the line style or display type. This may be called "Line Style," "Display Type," or something similar. Change the setting to display the Supertrend as continuous lines.

  3. Check for arrows: Some Supertrend indicators also have an option to display arrows when the colors change. Look for an option to turn on arrow display and select it if available.

If adjusting the settings doesn't work, it's possible that the Supertrend indicator on cTrader is limited in its display options. In that case, you may want to consider using a different Supertrend indicator or platform that has the visual features you are looking for. TradingView, for example, offers a wide range of customizable indicators and charting options. Subaru Net


18 Apr 2023, 15:16

Or you write your own SuperTrend that connects the dots or get one that someone else has developed.

For example:


31 Jul 2023, 17:29

Supertrend lines appear as 'dots'

On cTrader, the Supertrend lines only show up as 'dots'. Compared to a normal ST indicator on TradingView, this one is very easy to use and looks great. It would be great if we could get a better-looking Supertrend than the one that comes with the program. For example, when the colors change, there should be continuous lines, especially with arrows. krowd darden login

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