Strategy visibility

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HV_OFFICIEL since: 21 Dec 2022;

  13 Mar 2023, 11:13
Strategy visibility

Dear Ctrader Team, 

I hope you doing great, This is to let you know that the last update of strategy visibility conditions came as surprise to the copying community. 

While some will argue that its unrealistic, lets agree to disagree. 

Lets make it a bit easier:

  • Positive account balance ( Seems legit )
  • More than -90% ROI in the overall ( Seems legit and can be lowered even to -10% anything above wont be showing) as no one will invest in those )   
  • At least one deal executed within 72hrs ( Seems legit ) while its not recommended as there are swing traders out there. 
  • At least one position open (This should be removed or alot of traders will leave the platform)

Why? There aren’t setups on daily basis, we cant have an open position 24hr everyday. we cant force traders to trade on daily basis regardless the circumstances. 

First it was rank page on random switching showing new poor strategies top pages is really unfair and now these conditions. Something is going on its like spotware pushing us not to use the platform. 

please we encourage you to look at it again. 



friskyteddy since: 12 Jan 2023;

  15 Mar 2023, 08:21


What seems to happen is that an investor discovers the strategy and starts copying while the position already made some profits. Then I will close the position at a still positive result for me but not for the investor. Then investor is not happy, leaves. After trade is closed I am +% the investor is minus and nobody can find the strategy again. 

I don't understand the logic of this rule. Any representative care to explain?