Calendar Upgrade(S)

Created at 07 Apr 2023, 06:49


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Calendar Upgrade(S)
07 Apr 2023, 06:49

Hi Guys

Please VOTE on this post for one or all features of this suggestion

The calendar could do with a number of upgrades and hope they're in the works or could be considered?

/ Being able to filter both built in calendar windows showing only high and/or medium news events
/ Seperate scroll bar for calendar so it doesn't push the new order window out of view
/ Audio push and popups news alerts with multiple notifications eg 1m, 5m 60mins based on each event
/ Ability to use other calendars eg forex factory calendar feeds 

Would be great to see the calendar update in real time faster as often the "actual no" only appears 60 secs-2min
after the event.

Also the ctrader built in calendar doesn't seem to align with the spotwave calendar indicator and notice non farm doesn't
even come up on the spotwave calendar indicator

thanks for all your efforts as great platform overall




13 Apr 2023, 16:00

Agree with you that it would be awesome if they could update the calendar data as fast as possible.