currency tabs


Davidr since: 24 May 2022;

  26 May 2023, 10:26
currency tabs

hello ctrader can you help me is there a way where you can have 2 or 3 lines of tab lines ,because at the moment you only have 1 line of tabs because after you enter 4 or more currencys you lose them on the space as this will be a huge help to me and others and it will be easier to find and execute much faster on ic markets

i await with thanks

firemyst since: 26 Mar 2019;

  27 May 2023, 18:19

Unfortunately, cTrader is very limited with its charts and how you can display them. It would be nice if Spotware spent time on improving these features to bring it into the 21st century like other trading platforms instead of lagging behind the competition.

For the moment, the best you can do is get all the tabs you want, and then click the button to put cTrader into "multichart" mode: