Edit a post on the forums


.ics since: 10 Mar 2015;

  16 May 2015, 04:36
Edit a post on the forums


It would be nice if we could edit our topics on the forums after posting.

For example, if we want to

  • correct some mistakes or typo's
  • add some additional info
  • etc...


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kricka since: 13 Mar 2013;

  16 May 2015, 23:31
A must in a forum

We all make mistakes and after posting it, it's too late. A 30 minutes regret time to edit the posting and make all necessary changes would be great! 

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Spotware since: 23 Sep 2013;

  16 Jun 2015, 17:50

Dear Trader,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it. Additionally you can post your ideas/suggestions to http://vote.spotware.com/

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