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multiple stochastics in same window
under_netai0108028 Sep 2019, 16:33
Synchronize Crosshair??
politicobrazil@gmail.com2257928 Sep 2019, 07:13
Trade Side option for Limit Orders! very important!
mr.mahjoob00061027 Sep 2019, 23:19
Multiple Chart View - Make it adjustable
jerome.fxtrading0104027 Sep 2019, 00:17
Lock Objects in Chart
eduardo_carvalho_82960115222051926 Sep 2019, 12:40
Ignore Chart.Draw..... in optimization
cTrader Automate
ctrader.guru0134024 Sep 2019, 16:57
Market Replay
stewp607552024 Sep 2019, 04:02
Economic Calendar in cTrader
jakubdonovan22213290723 Sep 2019, 14:50
backtesting renko
startedcTrader Automate
ricochet_19465010444846123 Sep 2019, 08:48
Access to different Renko Brick Size DataSeries
cTrader Automate
RayAdam066422 Sep 2019, 05:44
Add swaps/rollover to Backtesting.
darcome047222 Sep 2019, 01:38
cTrader should have a "go to" date and time function, just as Trading View has a "go to" function
kenneth.junhao.ho055121 Sep 2019, 06:16
Select objects visibility in different timeframes
darcome198120 Sep 2019, 19:23
Add Chart Period Type Property to Chart Class
cTrader Automate
afhacker049120 Sep 2019, 18:04
Customized Pips for Range Bars and Renko
alexsanramon22461120 Sep 2019, 14:07
Indicator values
darcome272019 Sep 2019, 12:05
Suggestions about trend, horizontal and ray lines
darcome044019 Sep 2019, 11:41
Trendline (shift key)
chim0167317 Sep 2019, 16:44
Pick the order windows that opens up to have a look at multiple timeframes
trading1052117 Sep 2019, 13:33
Place Order window
ChrisCz049017 Sep 2019, 11:44