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Support for user-defined Bars in cAlgo/cTrader
startedcTrader Automate
beardpower_14412355501062709 Feb 2016, 11:55
cTrader and cAlgo use an excesive amount of memory
PaulKersey1745918922 Oct 2015, 08:42
backtesting renko
startedcTrader Automate
ricochet_19465010402305504 Jan 2019, 14:08
Watchlist in the Symbol Drop-Down list.
alexguerro_881775106039607 Feb 2019, 02:01
Ability to measure and display pip Values between candles when using click and drag
startedcTrader Mobile
paul_fallon_1898803920591712 Jul 2016, 23:39
Quicker method to switch between favourite timeframes
julian_1187748961580837931 Dec 2015, 00:32
Complete Re-Branding of cMirror
sohail_abbas_2159212501631301 May 2017, 19:11
commission based on profit percentage on cMirror
ctdn_voter1922725 Oct 2017, 02:52