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Multi-Currency Backtesting
startedcTrader Automate
ctdn_voter49246076718 Oct 2019, 05:42
Allow Skipping cBot/Indicator Parameters Window
cTrader Automate
afhacker030017 Oct 2019, 13:16
Backtest on Range Bars
cTrader Automate
trading.business027115 Oct 2019, 15:06
Backtest / Optimization improvements
cTrader Automate
TonNcie086310 Oct 2019, 12:02
SmallChartTrendLine Time1inUtc and Time2inUtc not refreshed on object moved
cTrader Automate
gonzsanc066030 Sep 2019, 13:17
Ignore Chart.Draw..... in optimization
cTrader Automate
ctrader.guru0134024 Sep 2019, 16:57
backtesting renko
startedcTrader Automate
ricochet_19465010444846123 Sep 2019, 08:48
Access to different Renko Brick Size DataSeries
cTrader Automate
RayAdam066422 Sep 2019, 05:44
Add Chart Period Type Property to Chart Class
cTrader Automate
afhacker049120 Sep 2019, 18:04
Custom Period backtest
cTrader Automate
bitcoinspeak051114 Sep 2019, 13:40
Renko cbot backtesting
cTrader Automate
juanbertrading0189410 Sep 2019, 01:30
Add a Type tag (Forex, Index, Stocks, etc) to Symbols
cTrader Automate
Waxy0136206 Sep 2019, 20:29
Horizontal lines have no price tag when IsInteractive is false?
cTrader Automate
Tatsuya0122220 Aug 2019, 22:53
General suggestion for critically missing features
cTrader Automate
ctid14561490133217 Aug 2019, 09:42
Add "Description" attribute recognition for Enum parameters
cTrader Automate
afhacker1111315 Aug 2019, 11:41
Optimization settings lost repeatedly in v3.5
cTrader Automate
nobulart1157008 Jul 2019, 11:43
ID in history based upon orderrequest sequence
cTrader Automate
TonNcie0129001 Jul 2019, 17:26
Line Style of Executed Trades
cTrader Automate
GridSurfer0114129 Jun 2019, 09:51
Multiple Buy Sell orders / Grid orders
cTrader Automate
amarnadeem10124026 Jun 2019, 11:52
It would be a good feature to show several indicators in the same indicator window like MetaTrader does.
under reviewcTrader Automate
laszlokad72639209 Jan 2014, 00:24