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General suggestion for critically missing features
cTrader Automate
ctid1456149031017 Aug 2019, 09:42
Add "Description" attribute recognition for Enum parameters
cTrader Automate
afhacker163315 Aug 2019, 11:41
Multi-Currency Backtesting
plannedcTrader Automate
ctdn_voter37178375902 Aug 2019, 19:08
Optimization settings lost repeatedly in v3.5
cTrader Automate
nobulart1117008 Jul 2019, 11:43
ID in history based upon orderrequest sequence
cTrader Automate
TonNcie095001 Jul 2019, 17:26
Line Style of Executed Trades
cTrader Automate
GridSurfer084129 Jun 2019, 09:51
Multiple Buy Sell orders / Grid orders
cTrader Automate
amarnadeem1089026 Jun 2019, 11:52
It would be a good feature to show several indicators in the same indicator window like MetaTrader does.
under reviewcTrader Automate
laszlokad72309009 Jan 2014, 00:24
Support for user-defined Bars in cAlgo/cTrader
startedcTrader Automate
beardpower_14412355501062709 Feb 2016, 11:55
backtesting renko
startedcTrader Automate
ricochet_19465010402305504 Jan 2019, 14:08
Option to seek Max Equity rather than Max NetProfit in Optimisation - the final profit is less useful than the final equity
cTrader Automate
laurenceshelley036202 Jan 2018, 03:59
Enable setting pos.StopLossTriggerMethod
cTrader Automate
TonNcie050220 Jun 2019, 08:51
using chart objects in backtesting
cTrader Automate
ctdn_voter042708 Apr 2016, 09:39
Give us OnBar() Method in Indicators
cTrader Automate
cyfer0461025 Apr 2016, 04:51
cTrader Automate
ctdn_voter1601801 Jul 2014, 09:47
Ability to copy/save optimisation results
cTrader Automate
anonymous_756806581662217 May 2015, 14:40
Update API to .Net Framework to 4.6.1
cTrader Automate
Mikro0601128 Feb 2019, 10:11
Market Sentiment as part of API
cTrader Automate
YuriiZelinskyi0842626 Apr 2016, 12:27
Add commissions for Symbol to cAlgo API
cTrader Automate
AlexanderRC01074027 Aug 2014, 17:14
Improve backtest and optimization chart
cTrader Automate
tbrbde030423 Jul 2016, 05:40