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Delta_Gamma086118 Oct 2019, 13:19
TSL without SL
augrust255018 Oct 2019, 08:52
Allow Skipping cBot/Indicator Parameters Window
cTrader Automate
afhacker030017 Oct 2019, 13:16
Color settings for wicks
alex_mihail019016 Oct 2019, 17:11
Search bar in 'List Open Charts'
manelfx9530019016 Oct 2019, 13:33
Backtest on Range Bars
cTrader Automate
trading.business027115 Oct 2019, 15:06
when will you add a pen on your platform? so many people want this tool
ganatooff11194214 Oct 2019, 09:23
Renko Backtesting
juanbertrading3253417 Oct 2019, 18:16
Backtest / Optimization improvements
cTrader Automate
TonNcie086310 Oct 2019, 12:02
Option to Disable Platform Auto Update
RayAdam043210 Oct 2019, 09:18
Aggregated positions view is very clunky
mpistorius048010 Oct 2019, 05:39
Tick charts with more than 1000 ticks per bar
cgza.bolsa053008 Oct 2019, 21:54
Push notifications indicating profit or loss
cgza.bolsa031108 Oct 2019, 21:50
Indicators above chart & merge indicators
alex_mihail199013 Oct 2019, 19:11
ZigZag with distance label
spasemansikorski045108 Oct 2019, 06:44
Please add SSL to mobile app
cTrader Mobile
jared.mcnair097007 Oct 2019, 09:37
cTrader Copy -> Desktop & Mobile
cTrader Copy
drayzen490109 Oct 2019, 08:48
MACD histogram
odussarrat0135105 Oct 2019, 10:05
i need a pen please please and other platform has a pen
ganatooff11120104 Oct 2019, 15:47
open positions bar indicator
ctid1253733164004 Oct 2019, 10:24