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Economic Calendar in cTrader
jakubdonovan22213290723 Sep 2019, 14:50
cTrader for Mac
under review
reed.grass96199084715 Oct 2019, 15:22
Ability to be able specify % of account when creating a trade and then cTrader auto calculates and populates the lot size.
anonymous_4829469619168182112 Mar 2014, 20:33
Does everyone trade time based charts? Would anyone like to see Range, Renko, X # of tick charts (not pre-determined size)?
Eduardo_Cerejo53166581220 Feb 2014, 18:00
Add the Visual Mode to the Backtester
completedcTrader AutomateClosed
MaRCHeW46159476916 Jan 2014, 07:42
Multi-Currency Backtesting
startedcTrader Automate
ctdn_voter49246076718 Oct 2019, 05:42
OCO orders (one cancels the other)
under reviewcTrader
anonymous_4372659020117953428 Nov 2013, 14:33
Automatic TP & SL on Advanced Trade Management
under reviewcTrader
jvfx24106046517 Jul 2015, 01:13
>>>>>>ADD Indices Dow Jones, Dax, Nikkei, Hangseng etc. CFDs and BITCOIN!! <<<<<<
danijel_j._443271461591844011 Dec 2013, 16:39
Quicker method to switch between favourite timeframes
julian_1187748961585738031 Dec 2015, 00:32
Customisable Tick Chart - Choose any number of ticks per candle
under reviewcTrader
cozy661982237103 Apr 2014, 10:00
Option to Link chart windows to each other
ctdn_voter2078236021 Nov 2013, 21:26
need a risk reward graph and calculator combined similiar to trading view.
fraser_3749650841097835026 Jun 2019, 11:59
Custom time frames in cTrader and cAlgo
MaRCHeW2598532303 Oct 2019, 08:47
zoom chart with mouse
under reviewcTrader
fred_579154471775930807 Oct 2014, 16:38
Alarms for levels of interest
ctdn_voter962428707 Nov 2013, 13:54
completedcTrader AutomateClosed
modarkat553927114 Jan 2014, 12:29
MAM tool (Multi Account Manager)
MaRCHeW1063826916 Jan 2014, 07:46
More Tick Periods
anonymous_1124772303662026920 Oct 2015, 11:03
simple,powerful ctrader
anonymous_44426736757126221 Nov 2015, 04:51