Easter Egg Hunt for a £100.00 Voucher

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  18 Aug 2018, 11:13
Easter Egg Hunt for a £100.00 Voucher

Hi Traders,

Somewhere on our website at clickalgo.com there is an Easter Egg, it is easy to find, you just look for the picture below, beneath this picture you will find a code that will give you £100.00 discount voucher to purchase any software at our web store. When you find the code click here for instructions on how to apply it to your products. This code can only be used once.

ctrader easter egg hunt

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tradingu since: 24 Dec 2015;

  19 Aug 2018, 04:03

Found it. Thanks a lot for free stuff. :D

wogavir644 since: 09 Apr 2020;

  09 Apr 2020, 09:59

Great post, a lot of stuff in here i did not know about.