Digitex Trading Scam or true.

santoshroy18 since: 27 Apr 2019;

  27 Apr 2019, 07:34
Digitex Trading Scam or true.

Dear Sir, 

Digitex Exchange which is set to launch on 30th april. Now they deleyed thier excahnge lauch Digitex claiming they given work to spotware to make some upgarde to their exchange, But spotware deleyed their work and charges more. Here the article https://digitexfutures.com/news/digitex-futures-postpones-launch-here-adam-explains-why/

I want to know the above statement by Digtex company is ture or they are just a scammer using Spotware name to fool investors.

Thanks and regards

Astroke since: 30 Apr 2018;

  27 Apr 2019, 10:05

Scam no FUTURES on cTrader.

CarolynDuncan95SUp since: 12 Aug 2020;

  12 Aug 2020, 15:02

There are not many positive reviews on the Internet, I would not trust them. Somehow I also decided to use the new trading platform. I don't even remember the name, but there were practically no reviews at that time, even bad ones. All comments were neutral, so I could not draw an accurate conclusion. As a result, I decided to try this platform. I had a small hope that everything would be cool .. How wrong I was :( . I could not even withdraw money. Technical support ignored my messages. No one answered emails either. I decided to file a complaint, but not I knew how to do it correctly. The guys from https://complain.biz helped me in solving this problem. As a result, I returned my money, but I will never trust new platforms again!