Renko/Range Backtest

arminvandam1980 since: 15 Apr 2022;

  15 Apr 2022, 15:22
Renko/Range Backtest

I did it. But it is very troublesome when you have complex indicator. I've explained it here how to do it. ‚Äč

Although I find cTrader to be more user-friendly than NinjaTrader, I test my ideas in NinjaTrader. There you can also use C# and also perform backtesting on various non-timebased charts. If you're a C# developer, you'd better spend a week on NinjaTrader learning it. After that, testing your ideas on non-time-based charts will be much faster.
In the past, I've wasted too much time bypassing Renko/Range backtest shortcomings of cTrader. Don't make the same mistake I did.
You can use NinjaTrader for free with a Demo account.
I am not suggesting that you should start using NinjaTrader. I'm just saying that backtesting on non-time-based charts is possible there. If you search this forum you will find that backtesting/optimization on non-timebased chart is something Spotware cannot and/or does not want to implement. This has been requested for years but is always postponed to future versions.