cTrader Backtesting Analyzer

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  16 Dec 2021, 12:31
cTrader Backtesting Analyzer

Hi everyone, I invite you to try my new tool to support the analysis of backtests in ctrader. This tool allows you to analyse your backtests from different points of view, just like a pro trader!. In addition, you will be able to retrieve your results even after a long time, whenever you want.

Follow the instructions below:
1. make a backtest in ctrader;
2. go to the history section, right-click on the headers and select all columns;
3. right-click on the trades table and export to excel;
4. load the exported file into the tool;
5. click run and enjoy your backtest!

If you are interested in purchasing the full desktop version (Windows only), which also includes annual analysis, monthly analysis, Monte Carlo analysis and versus analysis which allows you to compare different strategies, please contact me at vitofanelli90@gmail.com for a special offer.

The demo version is available at

Thank you.