What's New in cTrader Web - November 2017

27 Nov 2017, 12:41What's New in cTrader Web - November 2017#1
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Dear Traders,

We are pleased to announce recent updates to cTrader Web for November 2017. These exciting new features will be available in your cTrader the next time you launch the platform.

Tick Charts

Tick charts are day trading charts that measure a number of price ticks. Tick charts display a certain number of trades before printing a new bar chart. Unlike other charts which are based on time, tick charts are solely based on trading activity.


cTrader has integrated with Trading Central to offer target points for selected symbols. Targets are shown as a green line in the chart. Hover over a Target to learn more and execute the trade. Please contact your broker to find out about availability.

Place Order Button

The method of creating a market order has changed. The Sell and Buy buttons no longer create the order, a new Place Order button has been added at the bottom of the window, below where you set quantity, absolute protection and order direction before the final order confirmation.

Live Sentiment

The live sentiment is a bar located in charts and the MarketWatch. It displays long versus short positions of other traders using cTrader. Use this tool to identify the percentage of traders which are currently short and long before making your decision to enter the market.

Volume Selection Tooltip

Volume selection tooltip helps you select the appropriate volume for your order by displaying the pip value, the margin required, amount risked and more. The tooltip is available when hovering over any volume selector.

Margin Call Alerts

You can set alerts to be triggered when your account reaches a particular margin level. These settings can be found under "Email Alerts".

Email Confirmation

Email confirmation prevents blocking of incoming emails by the mailing system and ensures you receive email alerts and other relevant information from the platform. You can find this feature under "Email Alerts".

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