What's New in cTrader Automate API 3.5

11 Apr 2019, 11:04What's New in cTrader Automate API 3.5#31
dominhtri1995posts: 4since: 10 Apr 2019



Please add the ability to open and close new chart window as well. We can now scan the whole market, identify opportunity across pairs , trade them but can't open a chart automatically ? 



23 Apr 2019, 17:26#32
trader.calgoposts: 13since: 19 Feb 2018


I am currently working with ML.NET and the main data type is float there. In this library there are custom solutions CpuMath and other dll written only for version x64. For the further development of cTrader-based neural networks, it is very important to add a compiler for x64 processors!