cTrader Mobile 3.3 Adds QuickTrade in Full-Screen Mode

18 Mar 2019, 14:19cTrader Mobile 3.3 Adds QuickTrade in Full-Screen Mode#1
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Dear trader,

We would like to inform you that in our aim to add more trading functionality to our platforms, we have updated cTrader Mobile to version 3.3 which allows you to create orders in one click directly from the chart in full-screen mode.

Now, when the chart is open in full-screen mode you can click the "New Order" icon and the "Buy"/"Sell" button will appear. This new feature is very convenient as it allows you to conduct your technical analysis and trade from the same screen thus improving the overall app usability.

If you would like to try this new feature, download cTrader Mobile 3.3 Beta on Google Play or App Store.

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