Average Range Indicator v01

100 USD  Payment method:  Direct Payment

Dear Sirs:

I am looking for an experienced, detailed-orientated, and reliable Programmer,
able to code a proprietary indicator for me.

Below are the details of the project --

Create an new indicator which has the following purpose:

(1) Calculate Average Ranges for: Sessions, D, W, M;
(2) Print a display box with calculated data (overlay, Output I);
(3) Draw specified percentages of levels on graph (overlay, Output II).

* Notes:

(i) The indicator calculates Average Period Ranges,
     as opposed to True Ranges, or Average True Ranges.
(ii) See images below.

A full Specification Sheet is available upon request.


5-10 business days.



Direct - Paypal, or MoneyGram, upon completion.


Please reply with summarised details of you coding experiences.

Look forward to you reply.





I. Data Display


II. Average Range Levels

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