Converting MT4 indicator to cTrader

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I have a simplified version of an MT4 indicator that draws another pair price (EURUSD) as a line on top of the current symbol.


Below are the details of the project:

1) I would like to have this indicator translated to cAlgo.

2) I would like to add an option to reset the calculation variable number of days lookback. For example, using value = 1, indicator would start comparing prices from the last open daily bar, value =2 would compare data for the last 2 days and so on. A new day is considered to start when a new daily bar is formed, which  I believe is currently 22:00 UTC.

Day change can be set forexample with: 


where "i" is the lookback public parameter



5-10 business days.


I would prefer to do the project at

If you want to do the project directly I will pay after the work is complete and I have the indicator with source code, if you don't agree to this we have to do this over

I can also make a partial payment if I get the indicator for testing without source code and indicator works properly.

Direct payment with PayPal or USDC

Here is how the indicator looks at MT4


MQL code  below:

#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_buffers 8
#property indicator_color1 Red

#property indicator_color7 CadetBlue
#property indicator_color8 DarkOrchid

extern   int line_centre = 400;  
extern   int dir_EurUsd = 1;  

int   ia, ib, ic, id, ie = 0;
int   cnt1, cnt2, temp0, temp1 = 0;
double   centre_EurUsd,centre_curent ; 

//---- buffers
double ExtMapBuffer1[];

double ExtMapBuffer7[];
double ExtMapBuffer8[];

double EurUsd[], GbpUsd[];

//| Custom indicator initialization function                         |
int init()
//---- indicators
  /* */
//| Custor indicator deinitialization function                       |
int deinit()
//| Custom indicator iteration function                              |
int start()
   int counted_bars = IndicatorCounted();
   ArrayCopySeries(EurUsd, MODE_CLOSE, "EURUSD", Period());
   temp0 = Bars - 1;
   if(ArraySize(EurUsd) < temp0 + 1)  
       temp0 = ArraySize(EurUsd) - 1;
       Comment("ìàëî äàííûõ íà EurUsd " + Period() + " " + ArraySize(EurUsd));

   if(line_centre >= temp0) 
       Comment("ÍÅÕÂÀÒÀÅÒ ÄÀÍÍÛÕ Â ÀÐÕÈÂÀÕ.... ");
   if(temp0 - line_centre < Bars - counted_bars)  
       temp1 = temp0 - line_centre;
       temp1 = Bars - counted_bars;
   for(ia = temp1; ia >= 0; ia--) 
       centre_EurUsd = 0;
       centre_curent = 0;
       for(ic = line_centre - 1; ic >= 0; ic--) 
           centre_EurUsd = centre_EurUsd + EurUsd[ia+ic]; 
           centre_curent = centre_curent + Close[ia+ic]; 
       centre_EurUsd = centre_EurUsd / line_centre;

          centre_curent = centre_curent / line_centre;
       ExtMapBuffer1[ia] = (dir_EurUsd*EurUsd[ia] + (1 - dir_EurUsd) / 
                            EurUsd[ia])*centre_curent / (dir_EurUsd*centre_EurUsd + 
                            (1 - dir_EurUsd) / centre_EurUsd);

       if((Bars-counted_bars) == 1)   
           ObjectCreate("EurUsd", OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[0] + Period()*11*60, ExtMapBuffer1[0]);
           ObjectSet("EurUsd", OBJPROP_COLOR, Brown);
           ObjectSetText("EurUsd", "EurUsd " + DoubleToStr(EurUsd[0], 4), 8, "arial");




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