EA based on ZigZag

Created at 25 Nov 2022


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Job Description

I need an expert advisor based on the ZigZag (depth, deviation,backstep) indicator .

It should open pending orders when the ZigZag Line changes his direction.

Direction from signal line goes down, it should open buystop order and vice versa.


Lotsize should be selectable beetween AutoLot and Fixed Lot

AutoLot as percentage risk per trade (should be calculated from entry price to stoploss)

The initial stoploss should be the MA of the selected period.


Take profit in Points

breakeven function (true/false)

breakeven after xxx Points Profit

breakeven offset in Points


Trail function (true/false)

Trail stoploss

Trail steps 


pending orders (true/false)

false=using virtual pending order instead of placed pending order 


Magic number selectable

Comment selectable

Currency on which it trades should be selectable in the source code
valid until date (until which date the EA is working)


all values should be easily switched on/off in the source code to hide it in the parameter settings


Feel free to ask me if anything is unclear.


At first i need a MQL5 version, later an MQL4 too and perhaps a cTrader CBot would be fine.

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Smooth Signal · 9 months ago


Thank you for posting this job opportunity. I am interested in creating the EA based on ZigZag for you within 4 days or less within the budget stated. At Smooth Signal Services, we have a team of professional C# experts with the skills and experience to do a great job. We can also provide regular updates on request to ensure the indicator works as expected. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this project further. I look forward to hearing from you.

Samuel Machua.

Smooth Signal Services.


Email: smoothsignalservices@gmail.com

dilshandimuthu · 9 months ago


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Hi there,

We can help you with your project. Feel free to reach out to me at development@clickalgo.com

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