Cbot that trades accorning to "client accounts"

150 USD  Payment method:  via Upwork

Hello, im looking for a programmer that can develop a Cbot that open trades based on the Percentage of client accounts opened

The idea is to BUY when the Long/shot ratio moves in favor of the shorts, and sell when the long short ratio moves in favor of the BUY

So basically im buying when others are selling and im selling when others are buying.

Basically i want the Cbot to do this:

Conditions to BUY:

When Shorts Go UP and Longs Go DOWN: example:

If Long/Short Ratio wen from: Short: 50 Long 50 TO Short: 51 Long: 49, this means the Ratio went up 1, we would buy every time the ratio moves by 1

Conditions to sell:

If Long/short: went fom Short:50 Long:50 to short 49 Long 51, that means the ratio went down and that means we short 1

I would like to be able to trade certain times of day, Add stop loss and take profit, and have the option to close positions by the end of certain time of the day