Fractal indicator with label

Created at 28 Jan 2023


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I am looking to create an indicator based on the 5 bar pattern fractal but instead of displaying the points like most fractal indicators do, i would like it to replace those point with labels ie.. HH HL LH LL

I have attached an image to display so you can see get an idea of what i am talking about - I would also like a button that can turn these fractals on and off from the chart with an X and Y button alignment so i can place it exactly where i need it on the chart


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Bienve Prados · 8 months ago

Hi, I can do that. I have worked with idea before.

Telegram: @bienveP


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Xavier R · 8 months ago

Hello Exzell,

I can make this work for you, please contact me at:

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