Telegram copy to ctrader

100 EUR  Payment method:  Direct Payment

Pretendo bot que execute os sinais dados em canal telegram para efetuar ordem de compra/venda assim como executar fecho da ordem no tp indicado no sinal telegram

Exemplo imagem com:


SELL 90.35

TP 90.15
TP 89.85
TP 89.35
SL 91.85


Pretendo que abra automaticamente e no imediato sell 90.35 e feche 0.5 lots [ valor standard] no tp 90.15 

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Hi, I can do that for you.

with several years of experience in programming and forex analysis and trading.


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Hi, I can do that.

I have more than 6 years of experience creating bots and indicators in ctrader and MT4/MT5

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