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Created at 02 Aug 2023


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"I'm looking for someone to build a cTrader robot for the forex market.

I want the cBot to be able to open and close a position at specific times during the day. The long or short position will be determined based on how the price changes before the trade opens.

The bot should also have predefined take profit (TP) and stop-loss (SL) levels."

Il give you the specifics if you are interested :)



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Yousef Ardalan · 3 weeks ago
Hi, I can do that for you. with several years of experience in programming and forex analysis and trading. Email: joseph.tradingbot@gmail.com Telegram: @iamjosepe
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Bienve Prados · 1 month ago

Hi. I can do that.

We can contact in Telegram: bienveP