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Refer to my job posted on UpWork : https://www.upwork.com/ab/applicants/1699285454417584128/job-details

I am looking for an experienced cTrader (algo) or c# programmer to write indicators then incorporate into cBots, once 1 or 2 indicators are ready transfer into cBots then assist to back test and implement an algorithmic trading strategy to be used on the Fx market. Eventually the strategy will be using a series of my 12 setups applied on Candlestick charts in Intraday, daily, weekly and other timeframes for entry and exit. The ideal candidate should possess:
1. A deep understanding of financial markets, trading principles and charting methods using candlestick charts.
2. Proficiency in C# programming, preference using cTrader / Algo software, and utilising Visual Studio
3. Experience with algorithmic trading platforms and API integration.
4. Good communication skills in English are very important.

Expected deliverables for successful closure of the project would be:
1. A working program that will highlight the indicators on a chart and the ability to use cBots using these indicators to Backtest FX and any other market as per my pre-defined strategy rules.
2. Properly documented back test results along with the metrics.
3. Well annotated & customizable code for future review and modifications as per evolving market conditions.
If you are a talented cTrader / Algo, C# programmer / coder with a passion for algorithmic trading and have the skills and experience, please submit your proposal. Include your relevant experience, and any previous projects related to algorithmic trading.

Skills and Experience:
- Proficiency in cTrader, Algo, and C# programming
- Strong understanding of trading strategies, indicators and algorithms
- Experience in developing moderately complex algorithms

If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can complete the project within a month, please reach out to discuss further details.

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Xavier R · 4 days ago
Hello ctid1856405, I can do this work for you, please contact via: waxavi@outlook.com Regards,
ctid1220407 · 6 days ago
g'day, pretty sure i tick all those boxes. happy to create first indicator free, so skills can be verified. can go from there. currently running some automated bots, can share some custom indicators to show understaning and trade ideas
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Yousef Ardalan · 2 weeks ago
Hi, I can do this project for you. with several years of experience in programming and forex analysis and trading. Contact me for details. Email: joseph.tradingbot@gmail.com Telegram: @iamjosepe