Design an EA based on an indicator from TradingView

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I want to trade on the cTrader platform, so in order for this robot to work properly on the cTrader platform, it needs to use the c# language. Programmers who are proficient in this language should contact me. After contacting me I will give you indicators

Please contact me I will use USDT for payment


Here are some adjustable parameters

1. initial quantity (lots) This is the value used when the robot first starts trading. 2. grid distance (pips) This is the spread distance of the grid, for each retracement of price by (x) pips, a new position will be opened in the opposite direction to the trend.

3. Lot Limit This is the maximum number of lots allowed for the robot to open a position using the lot index value. The default value is 1 and the range is 1 to 50.

4. Maximum number of open trades This is the number of positions allowed for the traded varieties. The maximum number of close trades is set between 1 and 50.

5、Retracement Stop Loss Based on UTC+2 time zone, the maximum daily loss from the start time of 00:00:01 began to calculate the maximum daily loss to the end of the end time of 23:59:59. Percentage value of the account balance for the day. For example, if the principal is 10,000 and the retracement is 4%, the account equity for the day cannot be lower than 9,400. When it is lower than 9,400, all positions will be closed and no new trades will be started before the close of the day until the start of the next day. (Account Equity = Balance + Net Floating Gain/Loss)

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PanagiotisChar · 1 month ago
Hi there, We can help you with your project. Feel free to reach out to me at
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YousefArdalan · 1 month ago
Hi, I can do that for you. with several years of experience in programming, forex analysis and trading. Email: Telegram: @iamjosepe