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Created at 13 Nov 2023
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Hello everyone, 👋 

I'm a developer and I'm looking for a team to develop a big cbot. (dev and trading expert) 🧑‍💻👩‍💻📊

Several parts a lot of work (development and optimization) 

👉 The concept is divided into 4 parts (without monney management) and aims to achieve a multi-symbol and multi-timeframe analysis. 

Part 1: in-depth symbol analysis (trade cost, margin incurred as a function of forecast projection, correlation, index, etc.)

2nd part: position entry and management (increase or decrease of exposure, adjustment of protection and targets according to forecast evolution) etc…

3rd part: close position or not, (define whether committed funds should be recovered for other trades, based on multisymbol and mtf analyses) etc…

4th part: trade exit and complete data collection to define the trade time and RRR in order to define the objectives for the next position (monney management) etc..

👉 The concept of a large part monney management is already designed to optimize exponential and continuous secured results.

The plan is carried out and can be discussed. 👍

👉 If you are Motivated to create a  fully automated robot that understands consolidation zonesand trends,  and adjusts its strategy accordingly, contact me  (Many of the necessary indicators and codes are already in place. )

Objective: 📈💸

- 2~5% max drawdown/month  

- 10~15% profit/month

- full automatic 

Nice day to you. 👍

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