Simple cbot for $100

100 USD  Payment method:  Direct Payment


I need simple robot and its source code for which I will pay $100 via PayPal.

Robot logic.

1. Entry point based on price around round numbers. Trade size as user input.

2. Exit point - either SL defined as user input or trailing stop loss defined as user input

3. Martingale  At some point when position goes in loss we martingale it. Coeficient and exact loss in pips as user input.

Thats it :)


I can do this for you

Please contact:


Please contact

Hello i can do it for you Sir!


Would like to develop a project for you

I know languages (C# - S#) - C++, MQL4 and MQL5, JavaScript + Java, I build WebsiteS + updating/supporting/outlook designing, 
plugins, Dll, integration with mt4, EA and indicators , trading panels and copy traders, 
cAlgo conversions and development, Jforex, Ninjatrader, Thinkorswim, Visual panels, design APP, 
Mobile apps, API connection/integration, Market Readers ...etc.
I also hack and decompile EA and Indicators as well as educating your robot with trading strategies and mathematical formulas + Algorithms.

Experienced IT developer and worked for Microsoft,afterwards moved on to Metaquotes and Google cooperation.

Please contact me , e-mail:

With respect.