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10 USD  Payment method:  via oDesk

Well see. First you need to check anyone’s opjnion about that site where you want to invest. There are two group of investment needed to earn sites. The first sentence is about the ptc investigation. If you checked that page about thrust meter you can sign up and click ads. There first you have usually 120% payout of your investment without upgrading. So it is not so good if you are alone. But! If you have a lot of friends or you have a famous site you can share your refferer link and if they singed up at this link you earn after him/her clicks. But this everybody know. So if you refer a lot of people ad they clicking and clicking you will got back your invest and the profit with the work 10-15%. And if you earn a lot of profit you can upgrade and the investment 130%+ is yours. Not sounds bad right? Ok let’s see te second investing sites. There you invest to ad packages what means you click some ads daily ( especially 1/each ad package) and you earn 10-50 cents. But it isn’t the all about these pages... there are usually 10 level deep refferal system. So if your refferal buy an each package especially for 20$ you got 5$ and from him daily clicks. And if they reffer other peoples you earn from they purchases and clicks too. I think this is fair and easy to use. Best wishes on-line di borsa|scambi azioni in linea|investire online|come negoziare titoli investment.http://www.bigextracash.com