cTrader developer wanted - MT4 2 cTrader Copier

Created at 18 Feb 2014
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Hi Guys!

Iam looking for a skilled and advanced cTrader/cBot developer who additionally is firm with MT4/mql4 development!  I need a solution which is capable of:

  • Copy trades from the MT4 to the cTrader platform

  • Open and close the trades on the cTrader Platform as an market order (the type of order is extremely important and it shall neither an instant nor an order type)

  • Copy also (definable) parameters like take profit and stop loss to the cTrader platform

I would like to get a development offer for 3 different possibilities (although there is not much difference between 1 & 3):

  1. The solution works like the MT4i trade copier based on sender and receiver (see: http://www.mt4i.com/appstore/app.aspx?id=2&sort=popularity)
  2. The solution works like the PowerTradeCopier (see: http://multiterminal.net/ - of course this approach would be very elegant because there is no need to run open instances of master and slave terminals)
  3. The solution works like the MTIB-Bridge but instead of copying to Interactive Brokers I need it copied to the cTrader platform

Additional information: in any case the master passwords from both platforms (accounts) are known. As I have noticed so far there should be no massive obstacles to realize such a solution but unfortunately iam not familiar enough with neither the cAlgo API nor C# and I need the app very soon. That`s why I would be thankful if you could:

  • Tell me whether you see some unsolvable issues while realizing such an app

  • Tell me whether you have access to some pre developed code snippets which possibly could be applied therefore

  • Additionally give me an estimation of costs and time efforts in form of an development offer best sent to mro@developersglobal.com

Looking forward to your answer, best regards,


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siamfx · 9 years ago

Free Open source CSV Reader cBot located here - /algos/cbots/show/513

moj1367 · 9 years ago

hi and I hope U be fine 

I'm ready to do this job even with more parameters

because I'm completely dominant  on account copiers 

at now I've an account copier that U can run on unlimited master accounts and  unlimited slave accounts and run them simultaneously 

there is an option in master EA that shows Identity of that master account and U specify in slave setting that this slave follow of which master ( a number as an identity ) 

a master account can give its trades to unlimited slave accounts  

furthemore I did 3 account copier jobs

every job had its own complexity  




 this is 1 one year good experience of account copier  

skype Id: alizadeh1988


topgun · 9 years ago

i am also looking for basically same thing.......MT4 has a client terminal API and C Trader has an open API.....need to trade from C trader and have trade copied to MT4 or a GUI that can send to both platforms

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Researcher · 9 years ago

Hi, is the job still open?