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I want an indicator and an automated system according this indicator.

This is the first job i post here, so for the paiment methods, i choose the direct payment, but if you want another way to be paid, just let me know.


I want an indicator that measures the range of the candles. When a candle's range is >= an input number as a given number of pips, the indicator highlights the candle (it could be also a dash, a point, etc, if it's possible to have the choice, it can be good, but it's not necessary).


The strategy is based on this indicator. It will open a long trade if the candle is green(meaning an up candle) and a short if the candle is red(meaning a down candle). Green and red doesn't mean the strategy will open the trade based on the color of the candle, but based on if it's an up candle or a down candle.
The SL is by default the size of the range of the candle, but has an offset value that i must enter. For example, if i choose 3 pips as offset for the SL, the real SL will be "range+offset".
If it's possible to be able to choose if the candle's measurement is done during the candle's formation or only on the bar close, it'll be good.
This is all i want and the budget is for the indicator and for the Expert advisor as i don't think it's difficult to do, just taking some time for a good programmer. All are for Ctrader and no for metatrader.
Anyone willing to work on the project can contact me.


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Akudunniad · 9 years ago

Hello Josker, i think I can do that, if you're still interested in the indicator and EA contact me at circellator at gmail dot com