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Payment method:  via FreelancerJob posted on 22 Oct 2018, 05:47
Algorithmussince: 18 Oct 2018

I need a bot that has the functions:

Allow trade in currencies, crypts, indexes and commodities
- Trade long and short
- Days and times to do the trades or not (possibility to make up to 03 choices)
- Choice of TimeFrame
- Classic indicators:
  Momentum and RSI
  Tick ​​volume
- Gap (do not open trade with gaps or allow) according to size (in points / pips /% x close)
- Calculate the average of the last maximum or minimum x and give the input option as support and resistance or in its break (to choose a Time Frame different from the one chosen for the classic indicators)
- Artificial intelligence to serve as master indicator
- Entries with orders to the market or pending (in favor of the trade or against the trade) only by points or points of the maximum / minimum
- Can do up to 10 grid (in points, pips, currency or% of ATR daily
- Stop gain and loss in points, pips, currency or% of the daily ATR
- Break Even in points, pips, currency or% of ATR daily
- Trailing Stop in points, pips, currency or% of daily ATR

- Lot of input in quantity,% of margin or% of account

- A maximum spread filter for trades

- Verification of account type (real or demo), account number and until date the license is valid

All this must be available for optimization and backtesting

Occurrence information must be recorded in log file and should appear on the graph for easy viewing


To follow the bot, it is necessary to develop a panel that demonstrates:
My logo
Asset being traded
Local time
Server time
Number of trades per day
Number of trades per week
Number of trades per month
Number of trades per year
Number of hits
Number of errors
% of hits
Results in currency
Score in points
Current quote
If the indicators show buying, selling or neutral
When you are in a trade, demonstrate whether you are long or short and the result is up to date.