100 USD

Expert Advisor CTrader

Payment method:  Direct Payment Job posted on 23 Oct 2018, 19:22
Algorithmussince: 18 Oct 2018

Platform: CTrader//

Account Types: Hedging and Netting //

Magic number: Automatic generation //

Allow trading of: Currencies, Commodities, Indices, and Crypto //

Allow all-time trading charts available on MT5 //

Indicators: Total of 4

1 - Momentum.

2 - RSI

3 - Neural network (as the main indicator) and

4 - Average of the last (x) maximum or minimum and give the input option as support and resistance or in its break (to choose a Time Frame different from the one chosen for the classic indicators) //

Filters to allow or not to open trade:

              Minimum tick volume ("0" without filtering)

              GAP - Do not open business in GAP's greater than a value of points or pips or% of the previous closing ("0" without applying the filter)

              Spread - Maximum spread value allowed to open the business ("0" without applying the filter) //

- Entries with orders to market or pending (in favor of trade or against trade) only by points or pips or% of the maximum / minimum of the previous candle //

- Bot can make unitl to 10 grid in points or pips or currency or % of daily ATR

- Stop gain on points or pips or currency or % of daily ATR

- Stop loss in points or pips or currency or % of daily ATR

- Trailing stop gain in points or pips or currency or% of daily ATR

- Break even of gain in points or pips or currency or% of daily ATR //

Lot  in amount or % of free margin or% of account balance //

- Daily gain in currency and if all operations close

- Weekly gain in currency and if all operations close

- Daily loss in currency and if all operations close

- Weekly stop loss in currency and if all operations close

- Daily stop by number of trades carried out per day and not allow new trades //

- Select the days of the week allowed to open or not to trade

- Select times to start and end trades per day of the week

- Select the times for not opening trade (up to 03 options) //

- Account Validation:

Verification of account type (real or demo), account number and until the date the license is valid //

All of this must be available for optimization and back

The occurrence information should be recorded in the log file and should appear on the graph for easy viewing //


To follow the bot, it is necessary to develop a panel that demonstrates

My logo

Graph active and timeframe and current quotation

Local time

Server time

Number of trades per day

Number of business per week

Number of trades per month

Number of trades per year

Number of gains

Number of loss

% of gains / loss

Results in currency

Results in points

If the indicators show buying, selling or neutral

When you are in a negotiation, demonstrate whether you are long or short and the result is up to date.

Vladimir since: 18 Oct 2018
265 days ago


You're suggesting we do an interesting job.
But there is a discrepancy between quantity and cost.
Or this work should be many times more expensive, or divide this task into parts.

In any case, you can make me an offer in the mail svtelet@gmail.com

With respect, Vladimir

paolo.panicalisince: 18 Oct 2018
211 days ago

Hello Algo, you want your logo to be visible on a "position/orders status window" maybe you already know it but just in case, I remind you that if you right click on the chart into Calgo, you can set whatever background image, by default it is the Spotware Logo, maybe you wanna put yours...having an external window for the data only to have the logo sounds awkward while you can have it beautifully visible in the center of the action all the time. Also, have someone already backtested that strategy? Because trading systems based on only one oscillator/indicator and with entry exit points based on pips or price computing instead of solid support resistance zones often gets in an out the market a little random. Also, few or maybe no strategy can be good for all kind of asset, souds quite strange to me that this one can do good with everything just having the parameters set right.

So my point is, do you just need the strategy to be coded or is this a project where the strategy has to be build from a basic concept? 

Thank you. Best Regards.