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Convert ART STRATEGY in thinkscript to c#

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emad.khalil006since: 15 Dec 2018

I want to use the ART strategy  in thinkscript  to be used in ctrader. It is robot buy and sell positions. Can you helpy

Rony Sitepusince: 15 Dec 2018
160 days ago


I can help you in converting/Building the strategy into the ctrader...


for further discussion please contact me through my email : rony.sitepu@gmail.com



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paolo.panicalisince: 15 Dec 2018
159 days ago

Hello Emad, how are you? I wanted to ask you a few  things: 1. will the strategy be used for a specific asset (stock, index currency cross,....) 2. what strategy you refer to 3. will it be for daytrading?  . I only work on projects that I can make profitable somehow(at least) that is why I am asking you a few extra information. Thank you.

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AlgoGURU since: 15 Dec 2018
155 days ago


As cTrader Consultant I can help you.  Please check my published profitable robots at my profile: https://ctrader.com/users/profile/AlgoGuru

Please send me a detailed information about the strategy to private message: algoguru1@gmail.com

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