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I'll build notification cbots for you

Payment method:  Direct Payment Job posted on 07 Mar 2019, 12:45
siggisnoozysince: 07 Mar 2019

One of the reasons, why traders lose money consistantly is because they are impatient. They want to trade as much as possible for the dream to become rich quickly. If you have an edge in the market, it's important to follow your plan strictly and only take trades, where all the conditions of your strategy are met. This may take many hours of chart time.

I offer you my cbot development service, which will notify you, when the market is in a favorable position YOU define.

⮚ Write a bot that notifies me, when the 6 EMA crosses above the 18 EMA and it's on an uptrend.
⮚ Write a bot that notifies me, when RSI is above 70, and previous bar is a pullback Candlestick.

The bot can notify you though SMS, EMail, Telegram and many other systems. Contact me if you are unsure, which kind of notification system is the best for you system.

Price: $100+ Depending on the complexity of the strategy

Contact me via PM or via Email: siggiautomation@gmail.com