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1000.00 EUR

Payment Method

Direct Payment

Job Description


We will pay 1,000 Euros for a reliable robot with the following 1 year backtest results:


1. Start Capital: 1000 or 2000

2. Spread: Random from 0 to 2

3. Commissions: 65


1. Max Drawdown: Maximum 15%

2. 1 Year return: 1000%+

3. Total trades: at least an average trade rate of 1 trade a day


1. The robot should have an acceptable Risk/Reward ratio, it should not have an huge Stop Loss in comparision with the Take Profit.

2. The robot strategy should be based on bar prices / movements and not on price action.

3. The robot strategy must be reliable and not just designed for the backtest results.

If you have a robot like this or similar and you are interested in the offer please contact me at TradingDeveloper2013[at] to discuss further steps.

Payment is only done after proof is shown (with screen shots, videos, etc).

Payment is done via Paypal or Bank Transfer.


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Skype(cAlgofx) · 9 years ago

Robot is available on cAlgoFx for a limited time.

Old Account · 9 years ago


Hichem · 10 years ago

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lec0456 · 10 years ago

What if mine provides 2000%+ ?

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oktrader · 10 years ago

Hi there.

You are totally right, Mr. Hasan. If you have this kind of robot, there are just two rational options:

1. Not to share it with anyone else in the world (beeing a completly egoist).

2. To share it with the whole world (beeing an altruist).


To sell it... Well, you won't need it: you'll have all the money your robot can gives to you (if it really works).

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kricka · 10 years ago

Hi guys,

Naeem, of course you're totally right that a winning machine does not exist that produce 100% accuracy to profit. 

TradingDeveloper is not asking for that, he's asking for a backtest to show that kind of return, which of cource is no guarentee it'll give that in the future.

Its better to have a low expectansy of the return and be more safe with proper risk & money management rules as the backbone in the robot.

By asking for a drawdown of max 15% he's on the right track but asking for that kind of return compared to the drawdown is proberly not possible.

The spread can't be as low as 0-2 neither, maybe 3-5 would be more close to reality.

Hichem · 10 years ago

Hichem · 10 years ago

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nhasan · 10 years ago

Yes I know the uncertainty of Forex market.

Sorry to say that I don't have any robot that can show 1000% of profit in 1 year back test, but I am working on developing a system for more than a year.

It is testing on live domo account for last 6 months and you can see it's performance from here:


TradingDeveloper · 10 years ago

Hi there,

Nothing is impossible.

We are not buying the future, we are buying a 1 year back test results. And as you must know due to your experience 1 year backtest result is nothing to ensure a the reliability of a robot.

Even if you have a robot that gives you a 1 Year backtest results of 1000000% nothing guaranties that when you go live it will work.

This offer is only for the eventuallity that someone is interested, the offer can go up to 10,000 Euros depending on the results, if you have something and you are interested just contact me to discuss more details.



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nhasan · 10 years ago

Dear Brother

I have learned a lesson from my 7 years long experience that the first law of Forex trading is  - A money matchine is an impossible.

I am sorry to say it seems to me that you are looking for such a money machine!

Simply thik , if any one has such a robot that can make 1000% in a year with initial investment of 1000, he/she easily can make 10000 in a year by using that robot in Forex market.

Then the question is why does he/she sell that money machine just for 1000?

If you have such a robot - do you sell that? I will never.


Naeem Hasan