3 cBot order

100 USD  Payment method:  Direct Payment

Hello, I need 3 cBot mostly for backtesting.
I will need the code to change settings in cBot.
Main requirement is that I need to be able to adjust:

a)Take profit/stop loss
b)Lot size

c)Time frames
d)Basic indicator levels(pls refer bellow)



1)1st EA

2 Moving averages cross over strategy EA.
2 moving averages - open trade on cross over(depends if smaller period MA crosses

bigger period MA from top(sell) or bottom(buy)). I need to be able to adjust periods of moving averages + things I mentioned in begining.



2)2nd EA

RSI based EA
Open trade if RSI reaches certain level (for instance: If reaches 80 - sell, if 20- buy)
I need to be

able to adjust RSI levels + things I mentioned in begining.


3)3rd EA
MACD based EA 
I need EA open trades when MACD reaches 0, with condition that it should have reached certain level

bellow(and that level should be adjustable) + things I mentioned in begining.

Hi, I can implement these. Contact sascha.coding@gmail.com

 I can do that .. :)  Contact golf_k2g@gmail.com

Hi. I can do that. I have very experience on MT4, MT5 and cTrader conversions. Email: bienve.pf@hotmail.com Whatsapp: +34654115547 Regards



I have already done the 2nd RSI bot with some backtesting. 

Contact me at amirul_k@Live.com and lets discuss.


Pairs tested with the RSI bot:

USDCHF - 1 year test

CADCHF - 1 year test

AUDCAD - 4 year test 

EURCAD - 1 year test