Building a Strategy Tester Template

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II am building a robust strategy template utilizing the cAlgo API. The purpose of the template is to program the basic order- , risk- and money management logic as well as robust exit logic. This way template can be easily used to test different trading strategies by just entering entry logic
Template is already partially build and I’m looking for someone who has experience in cAlgo & API.

We will go by one milestone at a time

Template will have features like:
- Max net exposure - maximum net exposure to the market.
- Max % DrawDown - The Drawdown value is a percentage of the current equity in comparison to the highest overall recorded equity.
- Exit with three alternatives using custom indicator and partial exits

To start the project we will start with 1st milestone to see how we work together.


You can contact me at Telegram  @Fibonacci2011

Hi, I can do that.
My email is:


Hello Jani,

my name is Markus. I'm a senior developer since over 30 years now. 
I'm practicing a lot of trading strategies for several plattforms, like Ninjatrader, Tradestation, Tradingview and since sveral years cAlgo too.

It would be nice if you're interessted to work together. Maybe it isn't to late.

To contact me directly, please write on skype: live:markus_philipp