Cbot Placing Pending Buy stop and Sell Stop Orders

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Dear All,

I am new to FOREX trading, just started using C Trader. I am a Intra-day trader majorly trading on gold and major currencies. I am looking for the cbot/automatic placing of pending (via excel or csv file) buy stop and sell stop orders at certain intervals. Once the order is triggered and moved certain pips in the direction (say 20 pips in buy), then then another pending order should be placed on opposite direction (sell direction). Once the movement started in sell direction for 20 pips, then the another order should be triggered in buy direction. My idea is to earn money on short term along the movement of pips in both the direction.

It may not be a good strategy to follow, but I would like to make a try on this strategy or the similar type of existing strategy.

Please advice, if possible please share me the demo code which can meet my expectations.

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