buy and stop entry order placed at a specific time

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To set a buy and sell stop orders

1) a certain number of pips away from current market price

2) at a specific date and time hh:mm:ss AND a countdown expiry of the unexecuted orders mm:ss

3) select a single asset (example - gold) OR a group of assets (example - eurusd/gbpjpy/silver/spx/etc)

3.1) The ability to save group sets - (example - group 1; eurjpy+eurchf+nzd, group 2 - usdcad+silver+euraud - group 3 - etc etc etc)

4) allocate % account for each order (so if risking 1% and it is a group of 4 assets, each asset would be 0.0025%)

5) a custom trailing stop

6) ability to set to breakeven +/- x pips

7) tp, stop loss

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