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10000 USD  Payment method:  Direct Payment

FX Trading consists of a complicated structure of understanding the inner workings of the Global Market that consist of 60 Major Stock Exchanges.

Consistency and patience are critical to every trade.  

The real quantifiable meaning of risk management in Forex and Comex is being able to control your margin level even when it dips, to bring it back up again and maintaining your drawdown to the bare minimum.

Short term fast profits is a very risky game that should be avoided at all cost.

I recommend a year long trading strategy whereby both parties can benefit.

You can state the ROI that you want. If agreeable we can proceed.

The higher the ROI the longer the time frame.

Let them read my articles on Linkedin before you make any decision.

You can reach me at https://www.linkedin.com/in/adil-nasir-06385339

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