Anyone have robust cBot template ?

100 EUR  Payment method:  Direct Payment

I had a cBot template with routine order management parameters like:

MaxOrders, MaxSpread,BreakEven+AddPips,Trailing Stop, Start/Stop Timer, Friday Stop, Timer Exit (exit after xminutes and min profit) etc.

However, after 3.7 update something came up and my template is no longer working and I cannot seem spot what is the problem.

If someone have a good template with the above features (and preferably more relating to error checking and risk control/position management) I'd be willing to buy it (open source), if it builds without error and warnings on 3.7. and the code is well written and efficient.

Depending on the template code structure and feature I'd be willing to pay 50-100 euro for it . I can only pay with PayPal or we can go through and set up a project there. Ideally, the person would be willing to do modifications to the code later on.


what I can offer for 100€ is, that you send me the existing bot and I migrate the bot to the new version of cTrader.

Or is the source code not available?

Best regards

Hi Jan,

I could have a look at your existing cbot template and make modifications if you like.





thank you both for your replies and offers.

I already received help with the code. It was a small problem, but the real issue was that my template which just has gotten too complicated for me to debug. In future, I'll structure the template differently by keeping most of the logic outside the template and just call indicators.


I'm always looking for programmers who are familiar with cAlgo API, so please drop me a word at @Fibonacci2011 at Telegram if it is ok for me to contact you in future.