4 hour pivot points (autoupdate)

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Dear developers

Does anyone want to make a pivot indicator based on the 4 hour that works on the c-trader platform? Currently I use ETX Capital's platform as they are the only ones offering my needs where month, week, day and 4 hour are shown. Their levels exactly match those you can figure out based on this one here: https://www.pivotpointcalculator.com/?fbclid=IwAR2ytkrF9h_onuoH6BRenyOGnOhiCmbXkrCCbsH48Ew4aJfue00yUgeXOHE, and their levels are updated every 4 hours.
None of those shown in c-trader's system work in relation to my needs.

Hello jcr1818,

I can make this indicator for you, please contact me at waxavi@outlook.com

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We can help you with your project. You can contact us at contact@clickalgo.com for more information.

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