Breakeven for buy/sell positions separate lines

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Hi. I'm new to Ctrader.Earlier I used MT5 platform, but it's not very comfortable for me. Usually i trade hedge strategies, so on 1 chart i have both short & long positions.

If payment is not enough please suggest your price. I simple don't know cost for such work.

SO i need some more features in terminal to manage them. In MT5 platform i have paid indicator that shows me average position for short & long separate.

Here is description of my MT5 indicator:
Breakeven Price is an indicator for MetaTrader 5 that calculates the current breakeven price for all buy and sell positions opened by a trader or other expert advisors. The indicator displays the current breakeven lines for buy positions and the line for sell positions on the chart , and also shows a comment on the chart with the breakeven price, the total lot size, and the number of open trades for buy and sell orders. Easy to use and I hope it will be useful for traders.

The indicator settings
BuyLine color - the color of the breakeven line for purchase transactions.
SellLine color - the color of the breakeven line for sales transactions.
BuyLine style - the style of the breakeven line for deals to buy.
SellLine style- break-even line style for sale transactions.
BuyLine width - the width of the breakeven line for purchase transactions.
SellLine width - the width of the breakeven line for sales transactions.
Backgroud BuyLine-display the breakeven line for purchases in the background.
Backgroud SellLine-display the breakeven line for sales in the background.
On graph it looks like that:


Aslo i have idea about doubling the position with some price conditions. If it's possible to do i can discuss it like another job....

Here's my post on forum - U can read more exactly about what i need to do:

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Easy. Have done similar indicator before. Two differences:

1. my indicator calculates breakeven not separated, but for ALL buy and sell positions.

2. it also has scale to see profit loss at every N pips

3. it calculates ALL, commission, spread - no mater how many positions with different directions and quantity - it will calculate absolutely accurate breakeven


if someone is interested --->  ​Positions Profit Loss Scale on Chart

if there is wish to find not total breakeven but separate for buy and sell positions - can be done easily.  my contacts at the same link